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Fattoush was started in 2009 by mother-son team Hoda and Chris. The two had been looking for years for a perfect location to open a restaurant that served high-quality, delicious, and most importantly, made with love┬áLebanese food; the same food that┬áHoda had been serving to friends and family for years. Their search lead them to quite a perfect location in Clinton Township. A restaurant that had recently closed down and was very close to their home in Sterling Heights. 41170 Hayes Rd in Clinton Township became the new home to Fattoush Lebanese Cuisine and Catering. Because everybody knew that Hoda and Farah had a recipe for Fattoush dressing that wasn’t quite like any others, they knew they wanted to let everyone know. They also had dreams of bottling the dressing so they decided that the name “Fattoush” would be perfect for the new restaurant. In 2009 Fattoush was born from a lot of hard work and dedication. Fattoush is still growing today with plans to bottle the dressing for people to enjoy with anything they like. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for enjoying our food and supporting our family business. And we are glad we can make everyone happy with our food.



Chris and Hoda

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